Pacific Second Language Research Forum 2016 (PacSLRF2016)

Theme: Data and theories in second language research
Venue: Chuo University, Tokyo
Dates: September 9–11, 2016
Organized by the Japan Second Language Association
Supported by Chuo University

We are pleased to announce that the Pacific Second Language Research Forum 2016 (PacSLRF 2016) will be hosted at the 16th annual meeting of the Japan Second Language Association (J-SLA 2016) September 9 – 11 at Chuo University, Tama Campus, Tokyo, Japan (supported by Chuo University).

Internationally, PacSLRF has for many years been recognized to be a stimulating conference including colloquia and paper sessions based on empirical data couched within sound theoretical frameworks in areas of Second Language Acquisition (SLA). Topics include, but are not limited to, Linguistic, Psycholinguistic, Neurolinguistic, and Sociolinguistic Approaches to SLA; SLA theory and Model Construction; Bilingualism and Attrition of Language(s); Effects of Second Language (L2) Instruction; Crosslinguistic Influences on First Language from L2 and on L2 from a Third Language (and vice-versa); Individual Differences (in e.g., age, gender, aptitude, personality, and motivation) in SLA; Influence of Cognitive Variables (e.g., memory and attention) on L2 Learning and Use; and Methodological Issues in SLA Research. Working languages for the conference are English and Japanese.

Welcoming scholars from around the world, the conference is sure to provide plentiful opportunities for networking as well as both deepening and broadening your research interests. Please join us at PacSLRF 2016.

Important Dates
★Registration is now open.

★Abstract submission has been already closed.
March 10, 2016: Registration is open.←New!!!
March 23, 2016: Instructions for presenters are available online.
April 20, 2016: Program is available online.
May 14, 2016: Program (2nd version) is available online.<--New!!
August 20, 2016: Online registration ends.
★After this date, registration has to be done at the conference site with cash in JPY.
September 9–11, 2016: Welcome to PacSLRF 2016!
September 12, 2016: Join us for an after-conference excursion!!

★You can download the PacSLRF poster from here .

Contact: pacslrf@j-sla.org